Tramadol and Arthritis

Benefits of Taking Tramadol for Arthritis

Although there are a number of pain medications on the market, more and more doctors choose to prescribe Tramadol. This particular medication is most often used for moderate pain although it is also beneficial for moderately severe pain levels. As a result, there are many different health-related issues this drug helps. In this article, we wanted to address taking Tramadol for arthritis, specifically showing a few of the key benefits.

Before going over the reasons that doctors like to prescribe Tramadol for arthritis, we felt it important to offer a brief introduction to this disease. In simple terms, arthritis consists of inflammation and stiffness of the joints. However, it is important to note that the effects of arthritis are much different than standard aches and pains. There are also different types of this disease, as well as levels of pain and inflammation. Because of this, people with arthritis need medication to live as normal and productive life possible.

Multiple Uses

As stated, there are several benefits of using Tramadol for arthritis but one that stands out is that it works well for every type of the disease. Many people think there are just a few types of arthritis but in reality, there are more than 100. Keep in mind that based on a number of factors there could be people who do not get relief by taking Tramadol but for the most part, this is the exception and not the rule.


Even though Tramadol produces the same type of pain relief as hydrocodone and morphine, it is considered non-addictive. Of course, no matter the type of drug, an individual would need to follow the doctor's orders pertaining to dose. However, the difference in using Tramadol for arthritis over other medications is that a person gets much-needed relief but again without being overly concerned with becoming addictive or dependent on the drug.

Delivery Systems

Tramadol also comes in a variety of delivery systems. In other words, a person can take pills, capsules, and tablets, but also use suppositories, effervescent powders and tablets, liquids, and more recently, nasal spray. Along with this, capsules come in regular and extended release and tablets in regular, extended release, low-residue, chewable, and uncoated. Both capsules and tablets can also be prescribed with aspirin, as well as other medications.

The benefit of the different delivery systems for someone who takes Tramadol for arthritis is that taking medication is easier. For instance, someone with a severe case of this disease with extreme pain but also limited mobility would find it challenging to handle capsules and tablets. Therefore, the nasal spray or liquid delivery system might prove to be a more efficient solution.

Side Effects

Seldom does Tramadol cause unpleasant side effects. Obviously, someone with arthritis already deals with issues so being able to take Tramadol for arthritis but without developing side effects is a huge plus. Now, there are times when side effects can develop but again, this is deemed rare. Even when an individual experiences nausea, dizziness, constipation, vomiting, headache, or drowsiness, symptoms are generally mild and short-lived.

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